Sugar Kelp Soy Sauce


Living on the coast in Connecticut, Moromi is fortunate to have access to freshly harvested sugar kelp during the short, spring growing season. Their kelp is grown and harvested by neighbors at Stonington Kelp Co., delivered and processed the same day to preserve the distinct yet subtle flavor notes of sugar kelp that has been expertly grown in the crystal-clear waters off the Connecticut coast. If you like their shoyu, this seasonal variety of soy sauce adds layers of complexity and umami with hints of ocean coupled with nutty, grassy undertones. The over-all balance and integration of flavors makes this a unique tasting experience that is best enjoyed as a finishing touch on fresh fish, caviar, eggs, salads, veggies, lightly sauteed or grilled dishes, and poached fish and meats.

Packaged in 5.1 fl oz glass bottles with a convenient pull-tab flip top closure

Ingredients: water, organic soybeans, locally grown wheat, sea salt, sugar kelp, koji

Contains: Soybeans and Wheat