Jose Gourmet

Spiced Calamari in Ragout Sauce


A sumptuously stuffed surprise! Veggies, spices, and rice blend with heady calamari and zesty sauce for bright-eyed bites—gentle texture, decadent flavors, happy palate.

Worthy of a Michelin star hors d’oeuvre, this conserva deserves acclaim. A medium spiciness rounds out meaty calamari; and graceful flavors (clove, laurel) are flawlessly rolled together. Savor as slow food…lingering at the table, laughing with friends, cherishing every moment and mouthful.

Enjoy directly from the tin or heat in a frying pan for extra razzle-dazzle. Delicious to the last drop; soak up all the sauce with fresh baguette, rice, or potatoes.

Pairing: sparkling rosé wines, red wines, e.g. dolcetto, saison ales, whiskey cocktails, e.g. Old Fashioned, port
Serving: enjoy as is; top white rice and soak up sauce; dress a butter leaf lettuce salad
Region: Spain

Ingredients: calamari, vegetable oil, onion, rice, tomato, spices (red pepper, cloves, laurel), salt