Moromi shoyu is made with care in small batches following traditional techniques learned from mentors in Japan. Shoyu, or soy sauce, was developed over centuries in Asia by culturing a mixture of legumes and grains with koji spores. It starts with growing and harvesting fresh whole soybean and wheat koji. The koji is then mixed with a brine of sea salt and water and slowly aged to develop complexity and depth of flavor before being pressed, pasteurized and bottled. Their shoyu is created in Southeastern Connecticut and uses non-GMO ingredients and locally grown hard red wheat. They source tane koji directly from Japan that was developed to produce shoyu with a deep, rich and complex flavor profile. Enjoy!

Packaged in 5.1 fl oz glass bottles with a convenient pull-tab flip top closure

Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybeans, Locally grown CT Wheat, Sea Salt, Koji