Terada Honke

Shizen no Manma


A savory and complex sake from Chibu prefecture made with organic estate grown rice and house made koji. This bold Junmai is only polished to 70%, far less than industry standards, which gives it a unique rusticity and savoriness. Using the traditional, labor intensive Kimoto method, and bottled unpasteurized and not charcoal filtered. Delicious served chilled or warmed.

Terada Honke Brewery is an old school kura practicing methods that haven't changed much since its founding in 1670. Everything is done very traditionally, using the kimoto method, and incorporating the biosphere of the brewery itself into the process. Only house grown rice, water, and their own specific koji are added, and the rest of the chemistry happens with time and present microbes. The result is an intensely savory and intense nama sake that is unlike any other. Deeply umami, off-dry, with rich notes of smen (Moroccan fermented butter), and toasted rice. This is a nama that defies all convention about how nama sake should be made, stored, and how it should taste. Exceptional! If you love esoteric sake, you will love drinking this.

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