The Vineyards at Dodon

Salute the Truth

Salute the Truth is Dodon's first fortified, dessert-style wine, made with Dodon estate-grown spirits and 100% estate grown wine. 

Dodon wines are the product of our relationship with nature – even in challenging vintages. Dodon’s first fortified wine, Salute the Truth, is no exception. After devasting rainfall during August and September of 2018, the fruit and the resulting red wine lacked concentration and depth. Rather than bottle a wine with these characteristics, we distilled half the wine into brandy, and blended it back into the Merlot that remained in the cellar. After nearly two years in barrel, we let the wine mingle with small quantities of fresh Merlot berries during the 2021 harvest, adding body, sweetness and depth to the final blend. It rested in barrel for seven more months before bottling.

Food Pairing Notes
Enjoy with chocolate desserts, blue cheese, or add a splash of tonic water for Dodon's version of a Port & Tonic cocktail