Chelsea Green

Salt and the Art of Seasoning


From curing to charring and baking to brining, techniques and recipes to help you achieve extraordinary flavors. Written by James Strawbridge.

Salt and the Art of Seasoning will not only help you master your use of seasoning, but it will allow you to reimagine how you cook, cure, and work with salt in your kitchen―elevating your flavors to a whole new level. Includes over 100 salt-inspired recipes! Salt is extraordinary. A fundamental, ancient resource used for thousands of years around the world, it is the one essential ingredient that transforms all elevating flavors from good to great, to unforgettable. 

In this stunning new cookbook, chef, TV presenter, food photographer, and sustainable living expert James Strawbridge shares with you the fundamentals of this artisan from distinctive flavor notes and profiles of different salts found around the world, to brilliantly useful techniques―such as brining, baking, charring, fermenting, and preserving. Inside, Salt and the Art of Seasoning will also show you how to choose the right type of salt for the right type of dish, how to add it at the right time and in the right amount. James shares techniques such as using salt to pickle, cure and ferment as well as making your own flavored or smoked salts to bring out all sorts of previously hidden flavors. James has also crafted salt-inspired recipes to help you use salt in more creative, healthy and delicious ways.

"[The] recipe book that will make all your other recipe books taste better."― The Telegraph "A paean to the transformative effects of natural salts."