Oyster Pairing

February 10, 2024
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Oyster Ninja, AKA Gardner Douglas, is coming back to HEX for an afternoon of culinary delights!  Join us on a journey where the briny treasures of the sea meet their perfect fermented companions!

What are we going to do?
Our afternoon will be jam packed of interactive demos, education, and of course tastings! The Oyster Ninja will impart his knowledge on all things shucking and eating oysters. We'll even see him in competition action as he shucks 12 oysters in under 60 seconds!

🦪 Anatomy of an Oyster
🤓 How to shuck and the various styles of shucking
🏆 Speed shucking demo and mini competition
🥒 Guided tasting of HEX Ferments including brines, vinegars, & kombucha
🍷 Choose a glass from our selection of expertly paired wines
😋 Eat all the oysters!

Gardner is a Nationally ranked oyster shucker known within the shellfish community as the Oyster Ninja for his skills with the shucking knife. A popular fixture in the Mid-Atlantic oyster scene, Douglas has worked in oyster shucking houses, raw bars, and has even shucked for presidents. As he became more involved in the industry he also looked for ways to give back and share his love for seafood with others. Under the name Oyster Ninja, Douglas hosts a popular podcast that brings shellfish recipes, research and conservation work, along with guest speakers to his listeners.

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