White Rose

Miso - Sweet Potato Hoisin


This is not hoisin sauce like you buy in the international aisle, usually a syrup with sweet potato and some grain product folded in. This is hoisin sauce fermented from its traditional ingredients- only sweet potatoes, farro, and soybeans. It is surely on the sweeter end of miso pastes, and can form the base of a gorgeous barbecue sauce (or any kind of dipping sauce), glaze for ribs or meatloaf, or stir fry when loosened with a little soy sauce or sesame oil.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Sweet Potatoes (Next Step Produce, MD), Organic Emmer Farro (Small Valley Milling, PA), Organic Soybeans (New Covenant Farm, PA), Salt, Koji Spore.  CONTAINS: WHEAT (FARRO), SOY

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