Jeppi Nut Company

Maryland Mix


This mix includes raisins, whole roasted almonds, raw sunflower kernels, raw pumpkin kernels, and whole roasted cashews.  This is by far one of our most popular mixes. Packed with protein, it gives you the perfect boost of energy--making it the ideal trail mix! (Unsalted)

11 oz

About Jeppi Nut Company: 

In 1880, three young brothers from Sicily arrived in Baltimore seeking a better life in America. They established "John Jeppi & Brothers Company" in 1884, initially selling fresh produce and later expanding into roasted peanuts sourced from Virginia. Over generations, the business thrived under the Jeppi family until Tony Jeppi sold it in 1964. After passing through different hands, including the Claster family, Charlie and Stella Pavlos acquired Jeppi Nut Co. in 1974, revitalizing it with their family's involvement. Despite challenges like a devastating fire in 2017 and the COVID-19 pandemic, the company persisted, anchored by its legacy, dedicated employees, suppliers, and loyal customers, continuing to offer its iconic roasted peanuts and maintaining its old-world charm.