Others Coffee

Light Work Coffee


Others Coffee latest offering is light, bright, and ready to take your morning (or afternoon) to a new height! Arriving just in time for spring, this sweet, floral, and fruity coffee from the Limmu Kossa Estate embodies everything they love about Ethiopian coffee.

Family-owned since its founding in 2000, Limmu Kossa utilizes a complex system of agroforestry to maintain biodiversity while lessening the impact that climate change may have on their crops. In addition to employing over 700 people at the height of its harvest, the Estate has also helped to build several school rooms for their community. 

REGION Jimma Zone, Oromia Region
VARIETIES Ethiopia Heirloom
NOTES  Sweet, brown sugar, black tea, citrus fruit

"Light Work" was chosen for it's ability to make heavy workloads a little less heavy. The coffee won't do your work for you but it will make it easier. 

12 oz