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Lancaster Farmacy - Chaga Chai



Lancaster has crafted a unqiue and incredibly medicinal chai by blending warming spices, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms for cleansing and supporting the immune system. Their Chaga Chai is one of the most valued products we make and is made in limited batches due to the need to ethically wildcraft the chaga.

Chaga is high in antioxidants and is known to reduce cancer. This is a wonderful beverage to sip through the cold months.

5 oz

(This product has not be evaluated by the FDA and does not intend to treat, cure or prevent and disease.)

Ingredients: Ginger*, cinnamon*, chaga+, burdock*, rooibos*. dandelion*, ashwagandha*, nettles*, peppercorn*, cardamom*, fennel*, cloves**organic  +wildcrafted