White Rose

Miso - Farro


White Rose's farro miso is unusual in the miso world, as it is made only from the farro grain. Since there is no protein heavy element, like soybeans or other legumes, this miso is all sweet. The bran from the whole grain farro rounds out the flavor, producing a miso with aromas of whiskey, banana, and butterscotch. Fold in a little olive oil, and you can spread this miso directly on bread or dip radishes into it for a light snack. It has no end of sweet applications, like in a caramel sauce, stabilizing an ice cream base, or adding complexity to a cake batter. Add a little seasoning & excitement to your greens and grains bowl by dressing it with Farro Miso!

Ingredients: Water, Organic Emmer Farro (Small Valley Milling, PA), Salt, Koji Spore.  CONTAINS: WHEAT (FARRO) 9 oz

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