Prigel Family Creamery

Manchego Cheese - Each


This goats milk Manchego has a pleasant grassy aroma and a fruity, nutty, tangy and sweet flavor.

This Manchego Cheese comes from Prigel Family Creamery, a dairy farm that has been in operation since 1895 in Glen Arm, MD. The Prigels are committed to their community, to integrity in their stewardship of the land, and to the humane treatment of their animals. 

The Prigel family has been farming in the Long Green Valley for over 100 years and five generations. Their 150 milk cows graze fresh grass day and night. They prefer natural holistic remedies for the health of their cows instead of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. They breed their cows for longevity and strong bodies, instead of high milk production so their cows will have “15 trouble-free years” of productive life.