Chicano Sol Farm

Cilantro Pesto


Bright and flavorful pesto made with Chicano Sol Farm's herbaceous Organic Cilantro and Pecan Meadow Farm's grown and pressed Camelina oil. Camelina is a neutral cooking oil, that’s incredibly high in omegas. 

8 oz

Ingredients: Chicano Sol Organic Cilantro, Chicano Sol Organic Green Garlic, Pecan Meadows Camelina Oil, Keepwell Bitter Lemon Vinegar, Salt & Pepper

Chicano Sol Farm is a first-generation family farm run by Agustin and Jarrah Salazar Cernas. They strive to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense foods while maintaining the land in a fertile state for future generations. Their farm is Certified Organic, the gold standard of sustainable and clean farming. You can trust that all their food is grown with the utmost care – chemical and pesticide-free, good for you, and good for the soil.