The Wine Collective

Balt Nat

Balt Nat is a midsummer night’s dream. It is a natural, unfiltered, sparkling wine, a sort of double fermented Pét-Nat, born in Baltimore City. Fermented first in the tank and then in the bottle with native yeasts and locally grown grapes, it is lightly fizzy, slightly funky, and deliciously wild.

Balt Nat is an ever changing wine. From the time of bottling to when the guest opens one, the wine will be continually changing. Its starts with a lot of residual sugar and low carbonation, and after a few weeks it will become dry and fully carbonated. The aromatics will start out as a funky, fruity, floral and end with a bready/yeast vibe and integrated fruit. These flavors will continue to mature as the wine is aged in bottle. This batch was bottled on 05/24/2023