HEX Ferments

Kombucha - Seasonal


Our seasonal kombucha offerings include unique ingredients, flavors, collaborations, experiments, inspirations, and more. Please let us know what you like! (The image displayed here is our Spirulina Kombucha, currently unavailable).


Chili Mango

Filtered water, Fair Trade Cane Sugar*, Green Tea*, Ginger*, Mango Juice* (Mango, Apple & Grape), Mint*, Lemon Juice*, Lime Juice*, Jalapenos*. Fermented with Kombucha culture.

Flavor notes: Green tea and ginger base, dry-hopped at bottling with dehydrated jalapeños (Franklin Sustainable Farms) bottled with organic mango, lemon and lime juice. Flavor notes - tad spicy and smoky with semi-sweet ginger-mango finish. Local ginger from Moon Valley Farm and Mad Radish Farm. Enjoy ice cold with fresh fruit and/or with a splash of tequila or mezcal.


For each bottle purchased, a refundable $3 bottle deposit is added to the total